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Team Post Blast Collection Kit (T-PBK)


Everything you need to process a post blast scene. Contains all the supplies and equipment required to document the scene and collect: physical evidence, explosive residue, soil samples, DNA and fingerprints.



Tactical Backpack Containing:

  • Olympus TG-5 – Ruggedized Camera with built in GPS, two spare batteries, 220v/110v/12v charger and case
  • I-PBK (Individual Post Blast Kit) contains everything for post blast residue and soil collection (2)
  • DNA collection swabs (5)
  • Fingerprinting Kit – Suitable for detainees and post-mortem
  • Pocket ETK Explosive Test Kit
  • Leatherman Multi-Tool
  • Garret Pro Pointer Waterproof Hand Held Metal Detector  W/Spare Battery
  • Non-Metallic Shovel
  • Pick-up Magnet
  • Compass
  • Disposable Razor Knife (2)
  • Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves (10 pair)
  • Notebook
  • Sharpie (2)
  • Pencil  (2)
  • China Marker (2)
  • 9”x12” Re-sealable Plastic Bags (50)
  • Tamper Proof Seals (20)
  • Large Folding Photo Scale
  • Roll of Adhesive Photo Scale
  • Tape Measure 25’ (2)
  • Zip Ties with Label  (10)
  • 5×7 Tarp

Additional information

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in


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