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Explosive and Electronic Technical Solutions LLC, known as ‘ET Solutions’ is a private, Service-Disabled Veteran owned and operated small business.  ET Solutions is a very flexible organization that is ready to assist your unit in multiple training disciplines and requirements.  We are committed to exceeding, not meeting your requirement(s) through continuous self-assessment and customer feedback on our services.  This commitment is proven through our delivery of the highest quality of EOD training to support your operational and/or your organization’s missions and objectives.  

As a UK retired veteran with over 30 years military and civilian instructor law enforcement EOD teaching experience, you have my personal guarantee that I will go that extra mile to ensure you receive the most up to date, relevant, rigorous and realistic IEDD training.

ET Solutions provides a variety of specialized C-IED training programs of instruction and EOD products. Courses are generally a minimum of five days, however this period can be reduced or extended at your discretion to accommodate your budget or increased for advanced training requirement.  

Services include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Bomb Squad – Threat Assessment.  The one skill that can save the loss of life and be used throughout ones career in EOD.  This is a great course that can be used as unit annual refresher, continuation training or for the operator who wants to keep his skill set fresh and up to date.  This course can be tailored to focus on improving the individual’s effectiveness, ensuring the safety of their team and that of the general public. This course would focus on ‘Threat Assessment’, this is separated into theory and practical lessons of instruction, (20/80%).   Theory overview and in depth discussions of current and previous IED threats worldwide. The remaining time would be dedicated to a series of practical exercises where each operator will be presented with a realistic scenario from today’s current threat. A verbal assessment of performance will be delivered after each evolution.
  • Bomb Squad – Advanced Threat Assessment.  During this course we offer the more seasoned individual an opportunity to build and further enhance their C-IED operator skills.  Too often we hear the words “Just be safe, adequate and reliable.”  This course would focus the operator on managing the scenario from start to finish, incorporating a sound threat assessment through good and thorough questioning, being safe throughout, choosing the appropriate RSP that prevents unnecessary closure of public areas and ensuring correct techniques are used to preserve vital forensic evidence.  Returning the situation back to normality at earliest opportunity is paramount in the larger metro areas, while also ultimately, being safe, efficient and professional when responding to any IED incident.
  • Bomb Squad – Advanced Manual Techniques.  This would practice the operators on how to control a Category ‘A’ scenario.  Incorporating: stabilization techniques hostage handling drills, how to access different materials with various tools, both hand and power.  Diagnosing the circuit visually, possibly using digital equipment (i.e. Multi meter) for electrical confirmation prior to making any neutralization actions.
  • Bomb Squad – Search.  A new course which ET Solutions has developed for all EOD personnel.  This concentrates on operator search: Ground sign awareness, Tripwire and metal detection, vehicle general & specific 8 point checks and finally large venue building searches.  This can be incorporated into any of the other courses or a standalone course.
  • Bomb Squad – Electronics.  Starting at the very basic level of electronics.  This course is offered in three distinct stages of progression, starting at basic, intermediate and finally to our advanced course.  IED electronics will be based on design, triggering and initiation systems.
  • Bomb Squad – Category A. This course concentrates on what a operator will do when confronted with a Cat ‘A’ situation when there is no opportunity to evacuate a large number of civilians.  Every day scenario, but what does the operator do when he opens a suspicious container and it contains an IED circuit with real initiating system(s).  Do we touch, move or cut? What do we cut, and do we have the necessary tools to do so?  This course can help answer those questions and has several options to choose from.
  • Bomb Squad – Post Blast Investigation.  “Do less and recover more” is the motto of this course. Not a phrase we in EOD are accustomed to hearing, quite the opposite actually. This course will take operators through all the various stages from Post Blast to evidence recovery and final hand over of forensic evidence. Discussing Federal requirements for Evidence Recovery Teams from the FBI. Learn the latest 12 stage entry procedures. This course has minimal theory/classroom effort with majority of time allocated to suitable range for evidence recovery. Course will discuss: Photography, Sampling, Grid search, IED component recognition, Report compilation and general forensic protocol’s.  
  • Bomb Squad – Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device.  ET Solutions has taught this course very successfully to many squads and reduced their timings to 1/6th of the mandated FBI timings!  Please contact us for further data.  Review and assess the levels of operator skill for attacking and neutralizing a vehicle containing an IED.  This is dependent on the ROV being utilized in your department.  Deployment drills will be tailored to suit that equipment. Going through several options from: suspect package in vehicle, side entry, rear entry, dropping charges into the vehicle to defeat Time and Power Units. Fast deployment of weapon systems.  This would also include instruction on how to modify and improvise materials to use as trunk extraction and defeat tools, large side opening and defeat weapon system, improvised cutting charges, bowl charges etc.  Main emphasis would be on timings out of the ICP with a suitable weapon system.  This course can greatly enhance your organization’s skills and readiness.

External Appraisal of EOD/IEDD technical performance. This is based off your Regional/County or state doctrine and unit general safe practices. ET Solutions can be there to offer ‘independent’ assessment via an ‘appraisal of performance.’ You will have the option of a combination of task appraisal and a ‘Lessons Learned’ discussion post assessment. This has the added advantage that ET Solutions instructor cadre have considerable ‘Operational & Real World IEDD’ experience from many of the world’s most hostile and austere terrorist environments.  ET Solutions can be employed to ensure your units’ high standards are maintained and offer honest external third-party assessment, which is sometimes difficult to do in house. 

  • Training Aids.  

All our training aids are Inert.  Ready to use training Improvised Explosive Devices. Designed to replicate real world IED’s. Something to remember if resources are tight, especially the logistics and time taken to put a training exercise together for internal or regional training exercises. Only available to DoD and LE organizations.

  • Bespoke Training Aids.  If you require something for a specific threat, scenario or exercise objective.  

Service Cost.  Numbers of attending personnel versus instructor requirement, location and duration will dictate cost.  Call for immediate consultation and competitive pricing.