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Explosive and Electronic Technical Solutions LLC, known as ‘ET Solutions’ is a private, Service-Disabled Veteran owned and operated small business located in Stafford, Virginia.  Founded and developed by Brian H Calder MBE to provide private sector training packages to help businesses mitigate the damage of actual threats and potentially reduce the cost and business impact of false alarms.

ET Solutions provides numerous levels of training specifically designed to address the fundamental issues with Event Safety, General Security and Crowd Safety from a bomb threat perspective.  We can deliver fit for purpose certifications, qualifications and bespoke training that meets the requirement of today’s threats and standards.

In addition, ET Solutions’ provides bespoke and specialist event consultancy services.  Courses have been designed for delivery across all levels of your organization through Operational, Tactical and Strategic levels, with courses for staff and volunteers, supervisors and managers and senior management and directors.

The following services include an unmatched display of approximately 200 Improvised Explosive Devices (Inert Training aids) participants will be able to see, touch and review. 

Services available:

  • Event Security – Large venue or commercial organization(s) IED Awareness program.  

Depending on the level of risk associated with event location this course will offer a mix of both theoretical and practical skills based on level of concern:

  • Countermeasures and Security techniques.
  • How to prepare and react for a Bomb Threat.
  • Introduction to what is an Improvised Explosive Device.  
  • Practical review of IED’s, staff will be able to recognize IEDs and their component parts.  
  • Evacuation Planning and execution tabletop exercises are available on request.  
  • Multiple search disciplines can be discussed to suit the environment you are operating within.
  • Search techniques to include Building external/internal.
  • Search Course – For Private Sector and Corporate Industry.  

Proven search techniques can support and deliver a number of objectives to reinforce a Commander’s intent. Basic, intermediate to advanced levels of search training can be accommodated.  The critical protection of personnel high profile events and your Infrastructure. Well performed search procedures can provide the highest possible assurance as to the presence or absence of potential devices reducing the effectiveness of a criminal or terrorist to disrupt or mount attacks.  

  • Private Sector IED Awareness.  

Introduction to what is an Improvised Explosive Device.  Recognition of IEDs and their component parts.  What to do in event of a potential IED incident incorporating discussing where to evacuate. This would prepare large organizations for arrival of patrol/police officer at an incident that is suspected of being IED related.  

  • Educators at Schools & Colleges

A full day of Improvised Explosive Device Awareness.  Brief introduction to what is an Improvised Explosive Device and what to do in event of a potential IED incident.  Basic search techniques and actions on finding a suspicious object.

  • Service Cost

Numbers of attending personnel versus instructor requirement, location and duration will dictate cost.  Call for immediate consultation and competitive pricing.